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Adventure racing is a sport where you are often changing disciplines. You bike then run then bike, sometimes for short durations, other longer. What this means is many shoe changes and the need to carry running shoes while biking. With plenty of time in the saddle during these races, the idea of MtCleat was born. Is there a way to bike in my running shoes without losing the benefits of clipless pedals. Many ideas and concepts flew through my head, some good, other not. Prototype after prototype was built in an attempt to solve this problem. Learning from each one, a workable solution was finally found and the initial MtCleat was built. Initial tests showed that it performed as desired. The first test was on an open road without any stressful situations. It worked. The next test would be on single track where I could test jumping off the bike on steep climbs where I would have to walk the bike to the top of the hill. This again was a success. After the ride, I could honestly say that I didn't give my pair of MtCleats a second thought, they just felt natural on my feet. Who else could use a product like this, beyond adventure racing - a niche sport. Urban cyclists could wear their favorite shoes and still get the benefit of clipless pedals. Cycling tourists could enjoy walking around town in comfortable shoes while on their excursions without needing to pack additional shoes. Spin class attendees can wear their regular workout shoes then slip on a pair of MtCleats for class then continue their workout changing shoes. Multisport athletes can do a training session without carrying the extra set of shoes. Bike to their favorite trail running site, slip off their MtCleats and head out on their run. When finished they can put their MtCleats back on and ride the single track before heading home.


After hours in the saddle, an idea was formed. We have been dreaming of this for years, and it is finally coming to fruition. The excitement is building but we are not quite ready for the grand reveal. Soon you too will understand why we are so excited. More to come.

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